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About the  
Center for Patient Advocacy Leaders

Since 2002, PALS has worked to bring together diverse patient advocacy leaders to improve their advocacy capacity.


In 2016, PALS became independently managed by a non-profit, The AIDS Institute. The development of the Center for Patient Advocacy Leaders, built on fundamental PALS principles, was initiated in 2019 to reinforce the independent functioning of PALS.


By establishing a Center, staff are able to better harness and more broadly utilize the resources, learnings and the collective actions of health advocacy leaders and their grassroots constituents from across the country.


Under the CPALs banner, we convene stakeholders to identify common ground, spark collaboration, and unify the voices of many. 

PALs United Set Up San Diego.jpg

Now housed within the Center, PALS continues to improve the knowledge and effectiveness of the advocacy community at the local, state, regional, national and global levels.

Since 2002, well over 7,500 leaders from over 2,000 organizations in 50+ countries have participated in one of our 120+ PALS events worldwide.

Our PALS Network is diverse and vast.   

We've held:

20+ US national PALS and PALs United events

70+ Regional PALS and Regional PALS Roundtable events in the US

We reach even more people through digital events, as follow-up to in-person events or on an issue, policy, skill, or advocacy tactic of common interest to all.

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